14 Year “Misstatement of Fact” Suspension Reduced to 9 Months

Last week, I achieved what most would consider to be an exceptional result for our client by having a “Misstatement of Fact on a Driver’s License Application” suspension reduced from 14 years, down to just 9 months. The client was ecstatic.

Like most “Misstatement of Fact” suspensions, our client used another person’s information to secure a license many years ago in order to circumvent a license suspension and keep his employment at the time. Many years later at a NJ Safe Surrender program, he obtained a valid license in his own name, and turned in/discarded all the prior forms of identification that were false.

At his most recent license renewal, however, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission’s face-scrubbing software detected a match to a previous ID on file. He was hit with a Notice of Scheduled Suspension for an indefinite period of time until he was able to come in for what the MVC refers to as an ‘ID Hearing’. Fortunately, my client, knowing how serious the situation could be, had the sense to hire an attorney for this preliminary hearing.

At the ID hearing, we were able to coach our client and advise him to handle the questions he would be asked by the MVC representative. We also prepped our client on how to address the MVC in a written statement. This was crucial in our defense of my client’s suspension, since he found out at the hearing he was being charged with 7 counts of making a misstatement of fact on a driver’s license application – 14 years as a proposed suspension.

Following this ID hearing, my client received his revised Notice of Scheduled Suspension – just one count of “Misstatement of Fact on a Driver’s License Application” for a proposed 2-year suspension. Already ahead of the game, my client and I proceeded to the hearing, where we were able to further reduce that term down to just 9 months.

This was an extremely positive result for my client. By having us for the full process – ID Hearing and Scheduled Suspension Hearing – we were able to achieve a great result, and get my client back on the road in under a year’s time. That’s just under a 95% reduction! The client was very happy with the result.

If you’re facing a Scheduled Suspension Notice for any Motor Vehicle Commission suspension, give us a call at 1 (877) 450-8301. We’re available 24/7 to speak with you about how we can help reduce or eliminate your proposed license suspension.

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