Driving While Suspended Tickets Downgraded to Restore License

Attorney Gets Driving While Suspended Tickets Downgraded to Allow for No Additional License Suspension Over the course of the past month, I have been assisting a client with a license restoration for two tickets he received years ago in two different courts for Driving While Suspended, Uninsured Motorist, and a few minor traffic infractions. These […]

‘Accumulation of Points’ and ‘Persistent Violator’ Suspension Reduced by 66%

Today was another shining example how our firm can reduce a MVC Scheduled Suspension term, even for a client with a very poor driver’s history. Our firm appeared with one such client today at the Trenton Motor Vehicle Commission for a joint hearing – a consolidation of two separate Administrative Suspensions for the same individual. […]

390-Day Suspension Reduced to 30 Days at NJ MVC Hearing

This week I saw a major victory at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. A client of ours had hired us several months ago to work on multiple administrative suspensions she she was scheduled to receive, and after all was said and done, the total license suspension period was reduced from 13 months to just 30 […]

Penalties for Third or Subsequent ‘Driving While Suspended’ in NJ

Driving While Suspended is a ticket that very often snowballs into multiple offenses. Very often, one offense turns into a second or third Driving While Suspended, since each offense would carry an additional suspension period. But what drivers need to be aware of is that the penalties can escalate to include mandatory jail time on a […]

14 Year “Misstatement of Fact” Suspension Reduced to 9 Months

Last week, I achieved what most would consider to be an exceptional result for our client by having a “Misstatement of Fact on a Driver’s License Application” suspension reduced from 14 years, down to just 9 months. The client was ecstatic. Like most “Misstatement of Fact” suspensions, our client used another person’s information to secure […]

Reduction of 11 Points for Trenton Resident’s Traffic Tickets

This week, I had the pleasure of helping a client preserve his license by reducing the tickets he received down from 13 points to just a two point careless driving ticket. This avoided a persistent violator suspension from being triggered by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, and my client was able to keep his job, […]

Suspension Reduced Despite Failing to Timely Request MVC Hearing

Today I received word from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that despite our client’s failure to request a hearing during the allotted time frame, we were able to induce the MVC to reduce our client’s suspension of 180 days to a period of time already served on the suspended list due to a Notice issue […]

‘Misstatement of Fact’ Suspension Reduced by 75%

Yesterday, we appeared on a ‘Misstatement of Fact on an Application‘ license suspension at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and were successful in negotiating down the proposed suspension term by 75%. The case arose out of criminal charges for Tampering with Public Records under N.J.S.A. 2C:28-7, which our office also represented the client on in Superior Court. Despite […]

Suspensions for Fault in a Fatal Accident Explained

A Motor Vehicle Commission suspension for fault in a fatal accident is by far the most serious type of license suspensions that can be issued. Aside from the obvious grief one undoubtedly feels after surviving a fatal accident, being assigned the fault in a fatal accident can lead to an immediate license suspension — and […]

“Persistent Violator” Suspension Term Reduced by 70%

Recently, I was hired to represent a client on a motor vehicle hearing in Trenton regarding a “Persistent Violator Suspension,” which means that he accumulated a high number of points within a specific period of time. This particular client had a history of many points on his abstract (although they dated back to many years […]

Failure to Appear Suspensions Lifted After Dismissal of Old Tickets

Yesterday, I had two Failure to Appear license suspension clients whose court appearances in Mount Olive, NJ, and Totowa, NJ, went as well as they could have hoped. The clients had outstanding criminal and traffic matters dating back to the early 90’s, which they never knew about until recently when they attempted to renew or […]

Reduced Jail Term: 180 Days No Parole to 10 Days on DWS for Second Refusal

Yesterday, I achieved a considerable result for a client in a Middlesex County municipal court who was staring down a 180-day jail sentence for Driving While Suspended. If that seems like a steep penalty for a traffic ticket, you’re right. That’s because a Driving While Suspended ticket (N.J.S.A. 39:3-40) issued to a driver who is […]

Reduction of 9 Points for Fort Lee Resident’s Traffic Tickets

Today, I represented a client in Bergen County who was being charged with serveral traffic tickets that, on their face, would have led to eleven (11) Motor Vehicle Points assessed to my client’s license, but instead resulted in just two (2) points. Due to the number of points in one single offense, as well as […]

License Suspension Reduction From 720 Days to 90 Days

Recently, we requested a hearing for a client who had made certain misstatements of fact on his driver’s license many years ago, but due to the facial recognition software that has been “scrubbing” the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s records, his photo was found to be on more than one person’s license. Because of this, […]