Driving While Suspended Ticket in Middlesex County Dimissed

39:3-40 Ticket for Driving While Suspended or Revoked NJ

Jail time. That is what drivers are facing in New Jersey when they are caught and convicted of driving on a suspended license here in New Jersey. This may seem extreme for what amounts to a traffic ticket, but it is the reality drivers are facing. Moreover, if your underlying reason for the suspended license involved a DWI or driving without insurance, then these penalties will increase significantly. Pursuant to NJSA 39:3-40, Operating While License is Suspended or Revoked, a conviction for even just a first offense carries well over $1,000 in fines and surcharges, up to a six (6) month loss of license, and what will likely be an increase in your insurance premiums. For second, third and subsequent offenders, thee charges elevate to mandatory incarceration and higher fines.

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Driving While Suspended Traffic Ticket Dismissed in Middlesex County Municipality

Recently, our firm was retained to represent a client charged with Driving While Suspended, under 39:3-40. Our client was unaware of the suspension at the time of the traffic stop. Nevertheless, the officer issued a Driving While Suspended ticket to my client, along with a few other moving violations. After reviewing the discovery involved in my client’s case, I was able to pinpoint the errors on the part of both a separate municipal court as well as New Jersey DMV. Accordingly, these inconsistencies were illustrated to the Prosecutor and the Judge. Accordingly, my client’s ticket for Driving With a Suspended License was dismissed.

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