DWI Dismissed in Morris County

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A DWI, also referred to as Driving While Intoxicated, is the most serious traffic charge in New Jersey. Even though a DWI is not criminal, it can carry jail time, extended license suspensions, Ignition Interlock Device installation, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges. And all that is just for a first offense DWI! These can be the consequences for getting behind the wheel too soon after you have had even just two or three beers. Moreover, New Jersey Prosecutors and Judges are bound by strict sentencing guidelines for this type of offense. That means that while I judge may empathize with your situation, he is will be required to impose the statutorily mandated penalties.

If you are to have any chance of have your charges reduced, downgraded or even dismissed, you will need to expertise of a New Jersey DWI Attorney at your side. Our firm is highly decorated in the field of DWI law and can inform and advise you on how best to fight these charges. Call our office today at 1-877-450-8301 and speak with our lawyers today.

Driving While Intoxicated Ticket Dismissed

I recently resolved a complicated and interesting DWI charge in New Jersey. Specifically, my client had just returned from an extensive trip from China and was on medication to help temper her sleeping patterns due to the large time shift between continents. Unfortunately, she did not properly allocate her consumption of this medication and, in conjunction with not eating and working out, she lost consciousness on a major roadway and caused an accident. Upon arrival the officers conducted and investigation, performed a blood draw and concluded that she operated her motor vehicle while impaired by prescription narcotics (albeit lawfully prescribed). The State failed to take into account certain shortcomings in their case though, specifically, a lack of Standard Field Sobriety Tests (walk and turn, one-leg stand, etc.). This along with other factors, proved fatal to the State’s case and we were able to obtain a dismissal of the charges, along with a dismissal of various other traffic violations she had received at the scene.

Our client was able to avoid a seven (7) to twelve (12) month loss of license, $3,000 dollars in surcharges, hundreds of dollars in fines, insurance premium increases, possible jail time, IDRC courses, and various other repercussions consistent with NJ law. Suffice to say, our client was satisfied with the result.

Prescription Drug DWI NJ Attorney

If you or someone you love have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), in New Jersey, contact the law firm with proven results. Our firm specializes in DWI and traffic law and will see your case through from start to finish. Let us analyze your matter to determine how we can fight your DWI charges. Call 1-877-450-8301 today. With former law enforcement and state prosecutors on staff, our firm has the experience and know-how to handle your DWI.

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