Failure to Appear Suspensions Lifted After Dismissal of Old Tickets

Yesterday, I had two Failure to Appear license suspension clients whose court appearances in Mount Olive, NJ, and Totowa, NJ, went as well as they could have hoped. The clients had outstanding criminal and traffic matters dating back to the early 90’s, which they never knew about until recently when they attempted to renew or update the information on their out-of-state drivers’ licenses. To their surprise, their local DMV informed them that they needed to address these New Jersey charges before they would be able to drive in their state again. These clients enlisted our services, and to make a long story short, we were able to get all charges dismissed while avoiding any contempt fines for failure to appear on these charges for all of these years — all without the client needing to appear in New Jersey.

Failure to Appear Suspensions in New Jersey

The procedure on Failure to Appear license suspensions in New Jersey is straightforward, but can be very costly — especially for out of state residents. This is because bail needs to be posted to satisfy any outstanding Failure to Appear warrants, and then the client receives a court date that he or she needs to physically appear at. For many offenses, particularly older charges (more than 5-10 years old), we are able to appear on a client’s behalf so that they do not need to make multiple trips back to New Jersey. Additionally, judges impose contempt fines typically around $100 per year for every year the ticket or charge was not address. This is another area in which we can help reduce or eliminate completely these additional sanctions.

If you have trouble getting your license renewed because of a Failure to Appear suspension or Failure to Appear hold in New Jersey, contact a New Jersey license suspension attorney to help you rectify the situation without the hassle of traveling back and forth to court. We may even be able to get your tickets dismissed, or amended to a lesser charge. Call 1 (877) 450-8301 any time, 24/7, and find out how we can help you get your license back in order.

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