Four Old Driving While Suspended Tickets Reduced to Avoid Jail

License Suspension, Jail Avoided on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Offense DWS Tickets

Last month we concluded four separate Driving While Suspended matters for a client in four different courts across the state of New Jersey, and the result was one of our best to date. Our client happily walked away from four different Driving While Suspended tickets by just paying some fines, and avoided mandatory jail time and additional license suspensions in the process. The client faced a minimum of 40 days in jail, and 24 months without a license prior to our involvement.

The client faced charges in courts located in Ocean, Bergen, and Monmouth Counties, dating back from earlier this year, all the way to the early 90’s. Most of these tickets had Failure to Appear warrants due to the client moving away, and otherwise not taking care of the tickets back when he originally received them. For most of the courts, we were able to have the warrants lifted without the client needing to post bail, and we received court dates for each in order to go in and try to resolve the cases.

Arguing for an amended charge was successful when it came time to negotiate with the prosecutors in each of these towns. Facts specific to this case allowed for an argument to be made with regards to mitigating factors, as well as the State’s ability to prove its case (including the “notice” requirement) beyond a reasonable doubt. At the end of the day, each court was navigated successfully, and the client received a result he never expected to be possible.

Penalties for Third or Subsequent Driving While Suspended

As a recap, a third or subsequent offense for Driving While Suspended includes a $1000 fine, $33 court costs, a license suspension of 1 to 180 days, and a ten (10) day jail sentence, at minimum, but we were able to avoid nearly all of that in this case. The penalties do not change just because a prior offense happened a long time ago. Because of this, it is highly recommended to have an attorney assist you if you or someone you know has been charged with Driving While Suspended. Contact us today if there is any way we might be of assistance in your matter.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in present or future cases. To speak with an attorney, contact us 24/7 at 1 (877) 450-8301 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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