Clearing NJ MVC Holds: Driver’s License Compacts

Driver’s License Compacts: Why NJ Can Prevent Other States from Issuing a License

This page is a resource for drivers in other states who have received notice that New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission has a hold on their driver’s license, and wish to have their driving privileges restored in New Jersey in order to obtain their license in this or any other state. This common issue usually stems from old tickets in New Jersey that were never taken care of properly when the offenses originally occurred. But what allows a states such as Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Colorado to prevent one of their resident drivers from renewing or obtaining a driver’s license in that state due to outstanding issues in New Jersey? The short answer: Driver’s License Compacts, and in particular, the two in which New Jersey Belongs.

The ‘Driver’s License Compact’ and 45 Member States

The Driver License Compact is an interstate compact used by 45 states to exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the state where they are licensed (“home state”). The rationale behind this is the philosophy of “One Driver, One License, One Record.” As a condition of being part of the Driver’s License Compact, the home state shall treat an offense occurring as if it had been committed at home, applying home state laws to the out-of-state offense. The action taken would include, but not be limited to, points assessed on a minor offense such as speeding and suspension of license or a major violation such as DWI/DUI. It is not supposed to include non-moving violations like parking tickets, tinted windows, loud exhaust, etc.

List of 'Driver's License Compact' States and Respective Statutory Authority

The ‘Non-Resident Violator Compact’ and 44 Member States

Similar to the ‘Driver’s License Compact’ above, the ‘Non-Resident Violator Compact’ (“NRVC”) has 44 member states in agreement that drivers must fulfill the terms of traffic citations received in any member states, or else they face the possibility of license suspension in their home state. Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon and Wisconsin. Michigan and Wisconsin are the only states not found in either compact with New Jersey.

List of 'Non-Resident Violator Compact' States and Respective Statutory Authority

Resolve Outstanding NJ MVC Issues to Obtain/Renew Your Home State License

Our license restoration attorneys frequently see out-of-state clients struggling to get their New Jersey issues resolved from afar, and are usually able to help substantially. It is very common for our attorneys to appear on your behalf in municipal courts throughout the state in order to have old tickets downgraded or dismissed – you may not even need to come back to New Jersey. Call us at 1 (877) 450-8301 to find out for free how we can help you get your license restored or renewed.