“Persistent Violator” Suspension Term Reduced by 70%

Recently, I was hired to represent a client on a motor vehicle hearing in Trenton regarding a “Persistent Violator Suspension,” which means that he accumulated a high number of points within a specific period of time. This particular client had a history of many points on his abstract (although they dated back to many years ago), license suspensions, and a number of driving while suspended charges on his driver’s abstract. Thus, the suspension proposed was for a whopping 300 days. In addition, the driver was also operating during a suspension period, leading to an additional 180-day suspension on top of the 300.

Fortunately, the client hired us to represent him in his Motor Vehicle hearing and try to reduce his suspension. After speaking with the Hearing Agent for a considerable amount of time, I was able to convince the Agent that despite a number of points on the driver’s abstract, there existed considerable circumstances that would create a hardship on the driver if his license were to be suspended for such a long period of time, and that these circumstances outweighed any concern that this “persistent violator” was a danger to other drivers.

With a little bit of finesse and a carefully crafted argument, I was able to get the agent to agree to reduce the proposed suspension by more than 70%, bringing my client significantly closer to getting his license back — all of this without having any real factual or legal basis to contest the violation that triggered the suspension in the first place.

The important lesson to take away from this experience is to seek professional help whenever you are issued a Scheduled Suspension Notice, because no matter how “guilty” you might think you are, a skilled motor vehicle hearing lawyer might be able to help reduce your suspension.

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