‘Accumulation of Points’ and ‘Persistent Violator’ Suspension Reduced by 66%

Today was another shining example how our firm can reduce a MVC Scheduled Suspension term, even for a client with a very poor driver’s history.

Our firm appeared with one such client today at the Trenton Motor Vehicle Commission for a joint hearing – a consolidation of two separate Administrative Suspensions for the same individual. This client faced suspensions for Accumulation of Points and for being a ‘Persistent Violator’, as a result of two separate, unrelated tickets the client received a few months ago. Obviously, it was a huge benefit to the client to have both hearings scheduled for the same date and time, which we were able to do through communication with the NJ MVC.

As a recap on what an Accumulation of Points / Persistent Violator suspension actually is, whenever a driver accumulates more than 12 points on his or her record, a suspension is automatically issued by the MVC. Furthermore, once a driver has already accumulated more that 12 points, every point-carrying violation he or she receives will trigger an additional suspension. Following such suspensions, there is a mandatory 1-year probation period in which any moving violation (including 0-point violations) that hits a driver’s record will trigger an additional license suspension.

After appearing and arguing the case with the hearing Agent this afternoon, these suspensions, which totaled 270 days, were able to be reduced down to a total of 90 days. But to give some more background to this great resolution, this client had faced suspensions in the past, and had a very colorful abstract. The reduction of more than 66% that we were able to achieve for this driver was very good, and reflects the type of results we get for clients on a routine basis.

This is just another demonstration of how our license suspension lawyers can help to turn a difficult situation into a much more manageable position. Contact us if you face a pending NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Scheduled Suspension anytime at 1-877-450-8301.

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