Reduction of 9 Points for Fort Lee Resident’s Traffic Tickets

Today, I represented a client in Bergen County who was being charged with serveral traffic tickets that, on their face, would have led to eleven (11) Motor Vehicle Points assessed to my client’s license, but instead resulted in just two (2) points. Due to the number of points in one single offense, as well as the inclusion of a five (5) point Tailgating ticket, and an otherwise colorful driver’s abstract, my client’s driving privileges were at risk of being suspended.

Fortunately, my client made the responsible decision, and hired our firm to represent him on this collection of offenses. After requesting discovery, reviewing the Motor Vehicle Recording (MVR) video from the in-car police camera, and discussing the case in private with the municipal prosecutor, I was able to reach a plea agreement which led to the dismissal of several tickets my client received, and ultimately left my client pleading guilty to just two (2) points. The judge did not suspend my client’s driver’s license, and he was able to pay his fines at the window, and get back to work.

My client was very happy to have avoided a considerable hardship that would have befallen him if he were to lose his license, and was even happier to have saved some money on the fines he would have paid on the tickets that got dismissed and on his increased insurance premiums if the original number of points had been assessed.

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