Six-Month “Operating During Suspension Period” Reduced to 15 Days

NJ MVC Administrative Suspensions are automatically issued for when a New Jersey Driver is issued a ticket, whether it be a parking or traffic ticket, during a period of suspension. Often, in these instances, the driver is issued a ticket for speeding, careless driving, or some other moving violation, but not a ticket for Driving While Suspended. When this happens, NJ MVC takes it upon themselves to administratively sanction you for Driving While Suspended if the Police Officer involved did not. These suspensions come in the form of a “scheduled suspension notice” from MVC and typically are for a proposed period of six-months (180 days). Additionally, these lengthy suspensions will likely run consecutive to any suspension you may be currently facing (meaning back-to-back). Fortunately, an opportunity to hold a hearing and work to reduce this suspension term does exist, and a skilled attorney can help bring a proposed suspension for Operating During a Period of Suspension down dramatically. Last week, that’s exactly what we did for one particular client facing a six-month proposed suspension, and we successfully negotiated that term down to a mere 15 days during an appeal before an Administrative Law Judge in Mercerville, New Jersey.

With administrative suspensions for operating during a period of suspension, it often take a few months before you receive any notice of proposed suspension in the mail from NJ MVC. When this happens, you will have a limited amount of time to respond before the suspension begins. In this particular case, we were not retained to handle the original pre-conference hearing. A separate firm assisted the client during this hearing at the MVC in Trenton (located at 120 S Stockton St Trenton, NJ 08611).  The hearing officer’s proposed suspension was not to the client’s liking and the procedure for an appeal with an Administrative Law Judge was initiated.

It was at this time that my firm was retained based on our experience handling these complicated types of appeals before Administrative Law judges. The appeal was heard in Mercerville NJ (OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, 9 QUAKERBRIDGE PLAZA
MERCERVILLE (HAMILTON TWP.), NJ 08619). There, I was able to negotiate the proposed six-month suspension down to a mere 15 days. Moreover, I was also able to schedule that this suspension take place in the future when my client would be on vacation and not burdened by the suspension.

The client was ecstatic with the result, and was able to avoid any potential loss of employment due to a lengthy license suspension.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a fatal accident and could face a suspension of their driving privileges in New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced Fatal Accident Suspension Attorney such as the lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We can be reached around the clock at 1 (877) 450-8301. Call today for a free, confidential, no-obligation case consultation.

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