Two Six (6) Month Administrative License Suspensions For Operating During A Suspension Period Reduced to Fifteen (15) Days

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission License Suspension Attorneys One of the most common license suspensions in New Jersey takes the form of an Administrative Suspension by the Motor Vehicle Commission (commonly referred to an NJ DMV). These administrative suspensions may be the result of point accumulation, fault in an accident involving serious injury or death, […]

Six-Month “Operating During Suspension Period” Reduced to 15 Days

NJ MVC Administrative Suspensions are automatically issued for when a New Jersey Driver is issued a ticket, whether it be a parking or traffic ticket, during a period of suspension. Often, in these instances, the driver is issued a ticket for speeding, careless driving, or some other moving violation, but not a ticket for Driving While […]

Suspension Avoided at ‘Operating During a Suspension Period’ NJ MVC Hearing

Recently we appeared on a client’s first-ever suspension hearing for Operating During a Suspension Period, and it was met with great results. By the end of the hearing, our client was let off with “no action,” meaning that his license would not be suspended for any period of time. It was a great result that you […]

180 Day Suspension for Operating During Suspension Period Reduced to No Action

NJ MVC Suspension Reduced to Zero Days at ‘Operating During a Suspension Period’ Hearing We’re happy to blog on a big win for us yesterday, as our client walked out of a Trenton NJ MVC Hearing with his license intact, and no suspension to follow. The MVC Hearing was for an “Operating During a Suspension Period” suspension, […]

390-Day Suspension Reduced to 30 Days at NJ MVC Hearing

This week I saw a major victory at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. A client of ours had hired us several months ago to work on multiple administrative suspensions she she was scheduled to receive, and after all was said and done, the total license suspension period was reduced from 13 months to just 30 […]