Increased NJ Cell Phone Ticket Penalties FAQs (July 2014)

As of July 1, 2014, the fines and penalties of cell phone tickets in New Jersey increased significantly to include larger monetary penalties as well as a potential 90-day suspension for third or subsequent offenses. Third or subsequent offenses will also carry a three (3) point assessment to a NJ driver’s license. Below are some […]

Reduction of 11 Points for Trenton Resident’s Traffic Tickets

This week, I had the pleasure of helping a client preserve his license by reducing the tickets he received down from 13 points to just a two point careless driving ticket. This avoided a persistent violator suspension from being triggered by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, and my client was able to keep his job, […]

Reduction of 9 Points for Fort Lee Resident’s Traffic Tickets

Today, I represented a client in Bergen County who was being charged with serveral traffic tickets that, on their face, would have led to eleven (11) Motor Vehicle Points assessed to my client’s license, but instead resulted in just two (2) points. Due to the number of points in one single offense, as well as […]