180 Day Suspension For Operating During Period of Suspension Dismissed

New Jersey  Administrative DMV Suspension Hearing Attorney

There are a cornucopia of grounds under which the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission may suspend your license. One of the most common reasons individuals receive a Notice of Scheduled Suspension is for Operating During a Period of Suspension. This particular type of proposed suspension is issued by the NJ MVC whenever a driver is documented to have been operating or driving a motor vehicle while the driver’s license is suspended or revoked. This is essentially a “Driving While Suspended” offense, but handled at the administrative level (NJ MVC) instead of in the court system. These suspensions are generally scheduled to last 180 days, or 6 months, and can be devastating to anybody, regardless of your circumstances.

If you receive a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the NJ MVC, it may come as a surprise. However, there is still plenty that can be done to reduce or postpone the scheduled suspension. Call a license suspension attorney at 1 (877) 450-8301 to find out how we can help you request a hearing, and appear with you to reduce your proposed license suspension.


Proposed Suspension of 180 Days by DMV Dismissed

Recently, my firm was able to successfully represent a client who was facing a proposed license suspension of 180 days based on a ticket he received while operating a motor vehicle in New York. Unbeknownst to my client, at the time of this ticket, his driving privileges in New Jersey (his state of residence), were suspended based on unpaid surcharges. My client had never received notice of the surcharge suspension because he had recently moved and failed to update his address with DMV. Fortunately, while his failure to notify DMV of his change of address was due to his negligence and not the failures of DMV, we were still able to obtain an outright removal and dismissal of the proposed suspension. My client never lost his license, avoided the $750 surcharge and the $100 restoration fee that would have followed had the suspension stood.


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