180 Day Suspension Reduced to Just Two Weeks

Operating During a Period of Suspension NJ DMV N.J.S.A. 39:3-40

Almost everyday New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission sends out computer-generated notices regarding Scheduled Suspension Notices. These suspensions could be for a violation as a Persistent Violator, Operating During a Period of Suspension, Probationary Period Violation, Out-of-State DWI, or some other administrative violation. Depending on the type of Scheduled Suspension Notice, you could be facing anywhere from 15 days up to ten (10) years! Often, these suspension notices involve New Jersey Drivers caught Driving While Suspended, N.J.S.A. 39:3-40, at times that they didn’t even realize they were suspended. In those instances, DMV will try to suspend your license for six (6) months, or 180 days. For most New Jersey drivers, this is an unlivable period of suspension. Such a suspension could cause you to lose your job, which will hurt your income and possibly cause you and your dependents such a financial strain that you will be living on a day-by-day basis.

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39:5-30 Suspension Notice For 180 Days Reduced by 92%

Last week, I assisted a client who was facing a Scheduled Suspension for 180 days. The cause of this suspension was an accident that my client was involved in during a time when, unbeknownst to him, his insurance had lapsed and his New Jersey Driver’s License was suspended. While my client did not receive any tickets at the scene, DMV was notified in Trenton and a computer-generated suspension was triggered. My client is a husband and father whose livelihood depended upon his ability to drive to-and-from residential areas. A six (6) month suspension would have not only cost my client his job, but it would have gotten his family evicted and on the streets. I was able to intervene on my clients behalf and obtain a significant reduction of the proposed suspension at the Hearing. My client walked away with a 15 day suspension of his privileges and no longer had to worry about losing his job or figuring out where his family would be living in the coming months.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Attorney

Operating During a Suspension Period - Suspension Notice

Very often, people try to represent themselves in court, or request a NJ MVC hearing on their own, only to later experience a driver’s license suspension when things do not go as planned. It is ill-advised to risk losing your driving privilege just to save yourself the attorney fees. Imagine the impact that losing your license could have, especially if it could cause problems with work and income you depend on to live. Maximize the possibility of reducing or eliminating a license suspension by calling one of our experienced attorneys today, at 1 (877) 450-8301.

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