Restoring A New York License Due to NJ IDRC Non-Compliance

Driving While Suspended for IDRC Non-Compliance?

This short blog post will assist those individuals who hold a New York License, but have previously pled guilty in a New Jersey court for DWI. The NJ MVC and New Jersey’s IDRC work hand-in-hand to ensure that all drivers convicted of a DWI under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 complete a certain number of hours in the IDRC and DWI Education Programs for that person’s home state. As New York-Metro area lawyers in New Jersey, we often see clients calling about how to get their license restored when they don’t live in New Jersey, but need to complete the DWI mandated evaluations.

Out-of-State License Restoration Lawyers

We’ve put together the following map and are providing a link to the New York Certified DWI Education Program facilities in Manhattan, so that our clients can get back on track with what is required of them. Typically, individuals in non-compliance with IDRC requirements have the following steps to complete:

  1. Attend NY State Certified DUI Education Program (Click Here for available facilities in New York – Manhattan)
  2. Contact a clinician/counselor licensed or certified in NY to provide clinical drug and alcohol assessments. (Typically provided by the program attended)
  3. Have the appropriate parties complete the forms in the attached packet. (IDRC Compliance Information Packet)

View New York DUI Education Program Facilities in a full screen map

Please Note: The information provided above is general advice on common issues with IDRC compliance, and may not resolve all issues for everyone trying to restore their driving privileges. Please contact an attorney for further assistance. We can be reached 24/7 at 1 (877) 450-8301 for a free consultation.

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