Two Year License Suspension for Misstatement of Fact Reduced

Misstatement of Fact on License Application The Motor Vehicle Commission began a full “scrub” of its photo record database, which has grown to 23 million images, to identify any duplicative photo records in 2011. This allowed them to develop of system whereby they could prevent and prosecute any attempts of obtain a license through falsified […]

14 Year “Misstatement of Fact” Suspension Reduced to 9 Months

Last week, I achieved what most would consider to be an exceptional result for our client by having a “Misstatement of Fact on a Driver’s License Application” suspension reduced from 14 years, down to just 9 months. The client was ecstatic. Like most “Misstatement of Fact” suspensions, our client used another person’s information to secure […]

‘Misstatement of Fact’ Suspension Reduced by 75%

Yesterday, we appeared on a ‘Misstatement of Fact on an Application‘ license suspension at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and were successful in negotiating down the proposed suspension term by 75%. The case arose out of criminal charges for Tampering with Public Records under N.J.S.A. 2C:28-7, which our office also represented the client on in Superior Court. Despite […]

License Suspension Reduction From 720 Days to 90 Days

Recently, we requested a hearing for a client who had made certain misstatements of fact on his driver’s license many years ago, but due to the facial recognition software that has been “scrubbing” the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s records, his photo was found to be on more than one person’s license. Because of this, […]