Improper Passing 39:4-86 Downgraded to Zero Point Obstructing Traffic Ticket

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As you may already be aware, moving traffic violations often carry points that will attach to your Driver’s Abstract after conviction. These points will follow you around and, absent certain circumstances, will never be removed from your record. Depending on the number of points on your driving record, you may be facing yearly motor vehicle surcharges (beginning at $150 for first 6 points plus an additional $25 dollars for each point after that EVERY YEAR FOR THREE YEARS), possible motor vehicle commission administrative suspension, and car insurance premium hikes. This is in addition to anything the judge decides to impose at your court hearing. Accordingly, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a seasoned and respected criminal or traffic attorney in New Jersey.

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Newark Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Recently, I appeared on behalf of a client who was charged with Improper Passing, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:4-86, in a New Jersey Municipal Court. The ticket itself only runs upwards of $250 in fines when all is said and done. Therefore, a lot of people choose to just pay the ticket, accept the points and move-on. However, for my client, who already had points on his Driver’s Abstract, the four (4) additional points would have triggered an administrative suspension for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Through discovery issues and other legal shortcomings in the State’s case, I was able to work out a negotiated plea, whereby my client only had to pay the court $89 and would be exposed to any points on his Driver’s Abstract. The client was quick to accept this negotiated plea and rest easy knowing that his license would not be suspended.

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