Persistent Violator Suspension Avoided For Client With 27 Points

Starting the year off on the right foot, today I am journaling our firm’s excellent result in avoiding a suspension entirely for a client that had over 27 points on his license, and recently received a notice that the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission was going to suspend him for being a Persistent Violator.

The client had a pretty bad driving record stemming back to the days of his youth, where he used to race cars and rack up speeding tickets without regard for the future consequences that he would later face. But for the past 10 or so years, he has gone without any points violations, and received multiple annual safe driving point credits (-3/year) to reward his safe driving behavior. However, despite getting this very high number down to 27 points over the years, one two-point out-of-state ticket triggered a driver’s license Scheduled Suspension Notice for 120 days. It was at that point where the client decided to hire us to take the wheel in his defense.

Getting Results at NJ MVC Persistent Violator Suspension Hearings

After requesting the hearing and attending said hearing last week, we were able to prove to the client that he made the right choice to hire us. We negotiated with the representative at the NJ MVC Hearing Unit in Trenton, and after arguing the hardship that would befall the driver if his license is suspended, and pointing out his continued good behavior, we were able to secure an offer to complete a Driver Improvement Program course in lieu of any suspension term.

The client now just needs to complete this course within a certain time frame to take advantage of the deal. He can now continue working uninterrupted, and is very happy with the exceptional result we achieved.

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