Persistent Violator Suspension Reduced by 50%

New Jersey MVC Suspension Hearing Lawyer N.J.A.C. 39:5-30

If you’ve received a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or “MVC” for short, you havePersistent Violator Points Suspension the right to request a suspension hearing to challenge the proposed term of suspension and potentially eliminate the proposed suspension altogether. The New Jersey Administrative Code (“N.J.A.C.”) section 13:19-10.2 gives authority to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to suspend a driver’s license for having accumulated too many points within a certain period of time. This is what is known as a “Persistent Violator” suspension, and the proposed suspension could range anywhere from 30 days to three years, depending on the driver’s history and number of previous suspensions.

If someone you or someone in your family received a letter from New Jersey MVC regarding a Scheduled Suspension Notice, contact a New Jersey License Attorney immediately. With countless experience, our attorneys are available to discuss the possible outcomes you may be facing and how to resolve this suspension issue in the most beneficial way possible. Our representatives may be reached 24/7 at 1-877-450-8301.

Persistent Violator (Point Accumulation) Suspension Overturned and Reduced

Recently, I represented a client before a hearing panel at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office in Trenton. My client had accumulated over 12 points in less than a year and was facing an administrative suspension as a “Persistent Violator”. We were able to successfully obtain a hearing where we could contest the suspension. After careful preparation and coaching of my client, we were able to present a strong defense and a series of valid hardships, which persuaded the Commission to significantly reduce the proposed suspension by 50%. Our client gladly accepted this suspension and was able to work the suspension around his work schedule, so as to ensure that he would not lose his job.

Don’t Let NJ Deny Your Hearing Request

This process is not to be taken lightly. The MVC (formerly, the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles or “DMV”) can deny your hearing request if you fail to set forth sufficient arguments as to why you deserve a suspension hearing, and challenging this administrative decision is an expensive (and rarely successful) process handled at the New Jersey Appellate Division. In short, obtaining a hearing is the most important step in defeating an Administrative License Suspension.

If you’ve received such a notice, it is best to contact an attorney with MVC Hearing experience immediately, in order to maximize your chances of receiving a hearing date and minimizing/terminating your proposed suspension. Speak with an experienced lawyer 24/7 at (800) 509-3333 to find out how we can help you challenge your proposed suspension.

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