Administrative Suspension Reduced to a 1/3 But Administrative Hearing Continues

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Have you recently received a NJ MVC Scheduled Suspension Notice? If so, you are not alone. These suspensions are constantly being mailed out by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in Trenton, NJ. These suspensions may stem from a variety of things, such as: Misstatement of Fact on a Motor Vehicle ApplicationFault in a Fatal AccidentPersistent Violator SuspensionsProbation Period Violation Suspensions. Any one of these suspension could result in a significant period of license suspension. Whether you still have time to request a hearing or you missed your date to request a hearing, there may still be something done to reduce your suspension. Contact a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission N.J.S.A. 39:5-30 Administrative License Suspension Attorney for your free initial consultation and find out what may be done in your case. Our lawyers will assist you in reducing your proposed MVC suspension and ensure that everything possible is done so that you do not loss your employment over this suspension. Call 1-877-450-8301 today.

Probation Period Violation Suspension Reduced from 90 to 30 Days

This past week I appeared on behalf of a client at a “pre-hearing conference” in Paterson, NJ. These conferences are typically the lead up to a more formal Administrative Law Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in Newark. In my client’s case, he had been placed on probation for point accumulation back in 1997. During this suspension, he received a moving violation in Long Island, New York. Typically, this would trigger a suspension immediately upon payment or resolution of the ticket. However, because the ticket was never resolved until 2015, my client just now recently received the notice of suspension, pursuant to 39:5-30.

We requested a hearing before the proposed date of suspension, which stayed any suspension until the hearing. At the hearing, we were able to present evidence of the significant hardship that would befall my client should his license be suspended (namely he would loss his job). Eventually, the pre-hearing conference representative from MVC relented to a thirty (30) day suspension, the lowest permissible by MVC. Nevertheless, my client chose to decline the offer and pursue further avenues, specifically, a formal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. There we will attempt to reduce the suspension even further if not entirely.

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If you or someone you love have received a letter for a proposed license suspension, contact the license suspension attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Our attorneys can be reached 24/7 at 1-877-450-8301, Allow our firm to take over the fight in your defense and ensure that everything is done to help keep your license and job intact.

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