License Suspension Reduction From 720 Days to 90 Days

Recently, we requested a hearing for a client who had made certain misstatements of fact on his driver’s license many years ago, but due to the facial recognition software that has been “scrubbing” the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s records, his photo was found to be on more than one person’s license. Because of this, his license was administratively scheduled to be suspended for 720 days (2 years) due to an alleged “Misstatement of Fact on an Application to Secure a License.”

Upon requesting a hearing for this client, we were given a hearing date to negotiate this client’s suspension with one of the NJ MVC hearing agents. At this hearing, we successfully negotiated a reduced suspension period of just 90 days (3 months) due to successful demonstration of hardship to the representative. It is important to note that all factors may be considered at these hearings, and having an articulate, well spoken attorney can make the difference between a suspension reduction, and losing one’s driving privileges for an extended period of time.

Needless to say, our client was very pleased with the result.

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