Four Old Driving While Suspended Tickets Reduced to Avoid Jail

License Suspension, Jail Avoided on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Offense DWS Tickets Last month we concluded four separate Driving While Suspended matters for a client in four different courts across the state of New Jersey, and the result was one of our best to date. Our client happily walked away from four different Driving […]

Jail Avoided on Fourth Degree Driving While Suspended in Union County

Attorney Representation Helps Union County Driver Avoid Jail and Suspension for Fourth Degree Driving While Suspended Yesterday, we achieved a fantastic result for a client who was technically facing a Fourth Degree Driving While Suspended charge for having driven while on a suspension period for his second DWI. To make a long story short, he […]

Penalties for Third or Subsequent ‘Driving While Suspended’ in NJ

Driving While Suspended is a ticket that very often snowballs into multiple offenses. Very often, one offense turns into a second or third Driving While Suspended, since each offense would carry an additional suspension period. But what drivers need to be aware of is that the penalties can escalate to include mandatory jail time on a […]