Two Six (6) Month Administrative License Suspensions For Operating During A Suspension Period Reduced to Fifteen (15) Days

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission License Suspension Attorneys

One of the most common license suspensions in New Jersey takes the form of an Administrative Suspension by the Motor Vehicle Commission (commonly referred to an NJ DMV). These administrative suspensions may be the result of point accumulation, fault in an accident involving serious injury or death, misstatement of facts on a license application or operating during a suspension period. My most recent result stemmed from the latter (operating during a suspension period). Typically, any traffic/parking ticket issued or any accident you are involved during a period of suspension will trigger an additional administrative suspension through the NJ MVC computer system. For an administrative suspension based on operating during a suspension period, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (DMV) will propose a 180-day or six (6) month loss of license that must be served at the completion of any current suspension you are under.  If you are caught driving multiple times, as was my client in the present case, you could receive a proposed suspension for multiple six (6) month periods. Administrative suspensions for operating during a period of suspension also act as convictions for driving while suspended purposes and carry a three surcharge of $250/year. Needless to say legal guidance could be crucial for your case.

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Two (2) 180-day License Suspensions Reduced to a Single Fifteen (15) Day Suspension at Paterson, NJ

Recently, my office was retained by an individual who had two proposed suspension for operating during a suspension period. He was facing a potential loss of license of twelve (12) months as well as $500 in yearly surcharges for three years. With the help of our firm, our client was able to negotiate his twelve (12) month suspension down to a mere fifteen (15) days at the administrative hearing. Additionally, his $500 yearly surcharged was reduced by 50%, saving him $750! Through the concerted effort of our staff our client was able to maintain his employment and mitigate all of his financial penalties he was exposed to from two “lapses in judgement”.

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