Suspension Avoided at ‘Operating During a Suspension Period’ NJ MVC Hearing

Recently we appeared on a client’s first-ever suspension hearing for Operating During a Suspension Period, and it was met with great results. By the end of the hearing, our client was let off with “no action,” meaning that his license would not be suspended for any period of time. It was a great result that you can’t go into a NJ MVC License Suspension Hearing expecting, but can be delighted when it happens!

When the NJ issued our client his 180-Day Scheduled Suspension Notice, the client called us immediately to retain us in requesting and attending the hearing with him. After the hearing was granted, we appeared and made note of his stellar driving record, and the lack of any prior instances of driving while suspended or operating during a suspension period.

Upon review of the driver’s record, and based on representations made regarding the hardship that would befall our client if his license were to be suspended, we received a result that only a few lucky drivers ever get to see – the Motor Vehicle Commission agreed to take no action on our driver’s license, meaning that no suspension would take place based on the facts and circumstances of the immediate offense.

The client was thrilled with this excellent result. If you are facing a scheduled suspension for Operating During a Suspension Period, give us a call at 1 (877) 450-8301 and see how we can shorten or even avoid a potential suspension in your case!

No Action Letter - No DL Suspension After MVC Hearing

Letter Client Received Stating No Suspension Action Would Take Place

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