Six-Month “Operating During Suspension Period” Reduced to 15 Days

NJ MVC Administrative Suspensions are automatically issued for when a New Jersey Driver is issued a ticket, whether it be a parking or traffic ticket, during a period of suspension. Often, in these instances, the driver is issued a ticket for speeding, careless driving, or some other moving violation, but not a ticket for Driving While […]

22-Month ‘Fatal Accident’ Suspension Reduced to 30 Days

NJ MVC Administrative Suspensions are automatically issued for any accident where the NJ MVC deems a driver at fault for a fatality. In addition to the difficult process of coping with the consequences of such an unfortunate accident, these often-lengthy suspensions really kick a driver when they’re already down. Fortunately, an opportunity to hold a […]

Persistent Violator Suspension Avoided For Client With 27 Points

Starting the year off on the right foot, today I am journaling our firm’s excellent result in avoiding a suspension entirely for a client that had over 27 points on his license, and recently received a notice that the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission was going to suspend him for being a Persistent Violator. The client […]

Out-of-State DWI Suspensions and NJ License Holders – FAQs

We often field questions from prospective clients regarding how an out-of-state DWI can affect a person’s New Jersey license and privilege to drive. Below are some of the most common questions and answers. Contact a NJ License Suspension Attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan Marshall to find out more about how we can help […]

Suspension Avoided at ‘Operating During a Suspension Period’ NJ MVC Hearing

Recently we appeared on a client’s first-ever suspension hearing for Operating During a Suspension Period, and it was met with great results. By the end of the hearing, our client was let off with “no action,” meaning that his license would not be suspended for any period of time. It was a great result that you […]

180 Day Suspension for Operating During Suspension Period Reduced to No Action

NJ MVC Suspension Reduced to Zero Days at ‘Operating During a Suspension Period’ Hearing We’re happy to blog on a big win for us yesterday, as our client walked out of a Trenton NJ MVC Hearing with his license intact, and no suspension to follow. The MVC Hearing was for an “Operating During a Suspension Period” suspension, […]

Suspension Reduced Despite Failing to Timely Request MVC Hearing

Today I received word from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that despite our client’s failure to request a hearing during the allotted time frame, we were able to induce the MVC to reduce our client’s suspension of 180 days to a period of time already served on the suspended list due to a Notice issue […]

‘Misstatement of Fact’ Suspension Reduced by 75%

Yesterday, we appeared on a ‘Misstatement of Fact on an Application‘ license suspension at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and were successful in negotiating down the proposed suspension term by 75%. The case arose out of criminal charges for Tampering with Public Records under N.J.S.A. 2C:28-7, which our office also represented the client on in Superior Court. Despite […]

Suspensions for Fault in a Fatal Accident Explained

A Motor Vehicle Commission suspension for fault in a fatal accident is by far the most serious type of license suspensions that can be issued. Aside from the obvious grief one undoubtedly feels after surviving a fatal accident, being assigned the fault in a fatal accident can lead to an immediate license suspension — and […]

“Persistent Violator” Suspension Term Reduced by 70%

Recently, I was hired to represent a client on a motor vehicle hearing in Trenton regarding a “Persistent Violator Suspension,” which means that he accumulated a high number of points within a specific period of time. This particular client had a history of many points on his abstract (although they dated back to many years […]

License Suspension Reduction From 720 Days to 90 Days

Recently, we requested a hearing for a client who had made certain misstatements of fact on his driver’s license many years ago, but due to the facial recognition software that has been “scrubbing” the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s records, his photo was found to be on more than one person’s license. Because of this, […]